Beyond Homo Sapiens: Doubt

Book 2

Mariu Suarez continues her quest to heal society through the advocacy for transcendence of the prevailing human mannerisms of today in this second volume of the Beyond Homo Sapiens trilogy.

Doubt picks up from the discussion of blind faith as seen from history in the first book to proceed with deliberating on the means of aiding the entire human race to rise to a higher level of thinking. Heavily supported by the philosophies presented by prominent thinkers throughout history, Suarez puts forward her own proposal to heal society and take it to the next plane of consciousness.

In Doubt, Suarez offers a logical and intellectual treatise on overcoming the primitive yet strongly influential sections of the human brain, remnants of the evolutionary process, which have dominantly affected decisions and actions of humans throughout the species’ existence.

Based on her historical analysis, Suarez concludes that allowing this primitive part of the brain to take over has led to many erroneous judgments and consequently, to injustice and other pains that have affected individuals and societies. Therefore, to achieve harmony, the modern portion of the brain – the region of intellect and thinking – must be developed and honed. And there could be no more appropriate field of learning that can help achieve this than Philosophy.

Throughout these pages, Suarez gives convincing argument to her theory, believing that, while it will take much time and effort, such universal evolutionary change could occur. However, it will require the enlightenment of each and every human to achieve.

The global evolution to a higher thinking being begins with one. It begins with you.