Book Summary

Beyond Homo Sapiens – Enlightened Faith
Book III

Beyond Homo Sapiens – Enlightened Faith, is the last book of the Beyond Homo Sapiens trilogy. It concludes the series’ mystical/political review of the historical events of the last 5,000 years with the struggle of progressive thinkers and activists to help people recognize their universality and achieve enlightenment during the last 140 years. The ongoing fight for human rights and social justice is a battle against the interests of the privileged few who work to stay in power by keeping the masses anchored in their automatic reactions of self-defense and in-fighting, immediate gratifi cation and reproduction.

Advances in human knowledge can lead us to our next phase of evolution, one that must be made consciously. Quantum physics has shown us that the wall of separation we perceive between everything that exists in the universe and therefore, between matter and energy, subject and object, is not really there. Matter is not solid and space is not empty. The same particles that make up a table are interwoven with the air around it and with he table’s owner. Once all of humanity accepts this vision of matter as a single but multiform creative energy event, we can begin a new era and the possibility of enlightened faith.

Relativity theory has proven that we live within the space-time continuum. Biology has given us the knowledge of how closely we are all related through DNA shared between all races and all other species. Psychology has explained to us the archetypal and symbolic communality of our subconscious level. Space exploration has afforded us a humbling vision of the infi nitesimal size of our home planet from space. The theory of evolution  has taught us that nothing remains the same; everything changes, adapts, improves. Together, all this knowledge can engage more and more people in the shared vision of the unity of all.

The present generations have been bequeathed the challenge to understand our state of unity with all kingdoms of nature and all humankind but have refused to see this unity, blinded by egotism in order to keep the status quo of separation. For unity to succeed in the world, all personalities and groups of personalities have to rejoice in our commonalities and accept our true brotherhood, while celebrating our minor differences. If this goal is not achieved, the unstoppable drive we feel towards unity will push us on the path to destruction, because the only other way for us to achieve our soul-level desire for unity is by going back to the massive unconsciousness from which we emerged as individual manifestations of the larger Consciousness.

The socialist ideal of owning collectively the means of production and distribution had been prescribed precisely as the antidote against egotism, but private gain continues to support biological automatism. Our corporate  businesses and the institutions that live from them have become the greatest obstacle for individual transformation towards the recognition of unity, since a very small percentage of people own our institutional life and they are against the progress of the species in favor of the maximization of their private riches.

We need to upgrade our knowledge. Everyone needs a thorough science education as well as more time to meditate, contemplate, reflect and think. The society created by corporate moguls amounts to a general degeneration of the organ of intelligence because those who follow without thinking are favored, resulting in a kind of negative selection. Historically, our institutional changes have always been achieved by small groups of people gaining transformations to support a general change in behavior by larger populations.

The greatest stumbling block for us today is our conditioning as a species in the mode of competition at all levels when we should be striving to shift toward a cooperative mode. The world of oppressors and oppressed must be overcome. Our political and social development, and the current sequence of historical events are not our fate; they are our own doing. Our biological future, being nothing other than personal adaptations and transformations at an institutional scale, is in our hands. We can make the changes we need to make to survive. If we throw our hands up and in defeat and bemoan the impossibility of change, we have sealed our own fate. As a species, humans now have the technological capacity to destroy not just ourselves but the planet. That destruction is the path we are currently on if we don’t change gears now. We must now shift our innate animalistic survival instinct from individual survival mode to universal survival mode or non will survive.